Promoting recycling and reusing plastic as a way to Protect the Environment

If we want to spend our future on the planet

And plan to live without the need for regret

The Promotion of recycling and reusing plastic should be done more

Since we didn’t have so much waste to deal with before

We had no e-waste and extra boxes because of online shopping

What will happen to all these extra boxes after we have unpacked everything

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Increased Use of Plastic

In the past we didn’t use so many plastic bottles and reusable cups

Over the years, the amount of packaging we have been using, went up

There are a lot of people who are not aware of these facts

They don’t understand how the things they use will affect their future, so they can change the way they act

Single-use-plastic use keeps going up over the years

And not enough is being said about environmental care

Plastic Pollution

Microplastic is now found in our drinking water, our food and the air

There is need for a drastic change in the way we talk about environmental care

Waiting until there is more plastic in the sea than fish is not good

It is time for us to stop polluting our own food

We can start trying to implement the zero waste plan

Every individual on the planet need to start believing that they can

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We have already done too much damage to the earth with oil spills and plastic

We don’t have time to talk when we can be taking the actions that are drastic

Plans should be in place now to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use very fast

If we don’t find ways to produce more clean energy all the prosperity we have, will not last

Sea level rise is happening now and the many floods are causing life on earth to be unbearable

Why would we keep on polluting when we can work towards having a lifestyle that is sustainable?

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