Zero Waste

Zero Waste is a great goal to set

Have you told the children

about it as yet

They will be happy to

protect the environment each day

When they know they will have

an opportunity to live in a better way

Children should be told about the great plan

They will want to spread the word as much as they can


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Zero Waste means less waste in the Sea

And a healthy environment for you and me

Zero waste means fewer toxins in the air and soil

The use of clean energy, as we reduce our use of oil

Zero Waste is a wonderful plan

For every boy, girl, woman and man


When children know why they should treat the environment rightThey can easily work towards having a future that is


The Environment and the Children’s Future

If we don’t tell the children what causes the toxic fumes to rise
And cause them to have runny noses and watery eyes

Can we assume that they won’t face a future that is filled with gloom?
It is so much better to make changes now, than for you to assume


If we won’t tell the children how to treat the environment right
Will they have a future that is beautiful and bright?

Don’t allow this opportunity to tell them, to pass you by
One day they will look at you and ask you why

Get great e books for the children and the environment here

Get great ebooks for the children and the environment here

Mother Earth’s Beauty

Oh can’t you see
That Mother earth is not
as beautiful as she used to be

Creatures are dying every day
We don’t think about them when we throw our waste away
Soon there will be no space in the Sea for fish
We won’t be able to enjoy our favorite dish

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Protecting Mother earth’s beauty
Should be seen as our duty
When entreprenuers only care about making money
They forget that they are creating a future that will not be bright and sunny

Support the future of the children in a new way
Do it today

A New Look at Environmental Protection

Burning plastic releases dangerous toxins in the air

Saving our environment is important , it is time for us to care

Now there is a good way for you to help the children and treat the environment right

It’s our future , it is important for us to do things to make it bright


You can contribute to an awesome project for the kids right here:



When you order e books and fiverr gigs on the site; and you’ll have more books about environmental protection to share with all the children you know.

“Saving Taffy Turtle” is the first one in this series, children will love it






Let’s Act Before It is too Late


Since there are things we can do now to save our planet

Let’s make the necessary changes before we have regret

Let’s tell our children how to protect the environment

So that in the future they can have true contentment


The changes we need to make are simple and they help us to save money as well

So let’s make the changes now so we can have great stories to tell



Watch these videos so you can get all the information you need:

fixing problems fixing problemsĀ 

Children Fighting For A Bright Future

If we don’t treat our planet well
Our children will have sad stories to tell
About creatures that no longer exist
They will be writing a long list

So let’s recycle every day
So our children can have great things to say
Let’s think about them for a while
Think about how much you want them to smile

When they see the beautiful butterflies
Rising to greet the clouds in the skies
They will thank you when you care
But now their hearts are filled with fear

Please watch this video

Beautiful Moon

When the moon is beautiful and bright

Everything in the world seems to be just right

There is no need to worry at all

All your troubles will look small

So easy to have a peaceful feeling

Even when the rain is falling

But the moon is shining up above

All you can think about is love


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