Let’s Act Before It is too Late

Let’s make changes in the way we talk to our children about protecting the environment Continue reading


Children Fighting For A Bright Future

If we don’t treat our planet well
Our children will have sad stories to tell
About creatures that no longer exist
They will be writing a long list

So let’s recycle every day
So our children can have great things to say
Let’s think about them for a while
Think about how much you want them to smile

When they see the beautiful butterflies
Rising to greet the clouds in the skies
They will thank you when you care
But now their hearts are filled with fear

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Beautiful Blooms

Beautiful blooms can warm a heart

After it has been torn apart
Beautiful blooms fill the air
with a nice fragrance
So we can always
believe we
have a chance
So Nature gives us all we need
And helps us to succeed
So let’s treat our
Environment well
So we can have
more great
to tell
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When Children Plant Seeds

If children would learn how to plant a tree or two

They would have an experience that would be so awesome and new
They would be getting ready to face a life of great possibilities
As they could start creating new realities
And they would see how much goodness comes out of a seed
They could start to think of helping the ones who are in need
As they would see how much more they can have to offer
When we simply plant seeds and think about each other
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Flowering trees

Did you see those trees

Swaying in the breeze

With the brightly colored flowers

I can sit and watch them for hours

And when the petals flutter to the ground

I wait until there is no one around

And I make a comfortable bed with them

Soon I forget every problem

As they are soft and sweet

Not hard, like that concrete

They make a comfortable bed

They take away fear and dread