A Vacation Guide the Kids Will Love

Featured Image -- 425 Fun in Ja
Beautiful beach, waterfalls and more
You will want to see what this book has in store
Now that children can take a vacation without going anywhere
Give them a treat, show them how much you care

A vacation that is unique, is now in a book
I'm sure you will want to get a copy when you take a look
Fun and relaxation is here for the family
You'll know what to expect when you get there eventually




The Easy Way To Tell The Children How To Protect The Environment

Children will enjoy learning how to Save Taffy the Turtle when they read this e book

They will know more about recycling and why it is important

Let’s put an end to the need for beach clean up days

Now that this e book can help to change our ways

Things will only get worse with the environment if we don’t change the things we do

And when children are informed they will start making the right decisions too

And treat the environment right

So they can have a future that is bright

Don’t wait until it is too late

To tell the children how they can have an environment that looks great