No Complains about The Rain

I won’t complain

About the rain

I won’t need the sun

Won’t worry about fun

You see without the rain

I wouldn’t be smiling again

When the flowers bloom

And remove the gloom

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So I know the dreary days are needed sometimes

And it is not a serious crime

To find something new to do

While I make it through

Because without the rain

Flowers wouldn’t bloom again

Life would be depressing

I know the rain is a blessing
So I won’t complain

About getting wet again

I’ll wear a smile and cover my head

I might even stay in my bed

And when the sun comes out

I’ll say I have no doubt

That the rain is very important

Even though I am not a plant

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Children Need To Learn About Going Green

If children don’t know what you mean

When you say you are going green

They will not know how to participate

They won’t think you are doing anything great

When they know more about going green

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They will want to keep the environment clean

Soon the streets will not be littered anymore

They will be reusing more plastic, that’s for sure

Tell children how good it is for us to go green

As soon as they are old enough to ask you what it means


Minimalism is Good for the Environment and More

Sometimes we say life is tough

And we don’t have enough

As all we have is the wrong stuff

A lot of things we don’t even use

Can leave us feeling confused

And the environment is polluted when we have to much waste

Reduce the clutter today, you should make haste

Of all the creatures on earth humans have the most things to discard

If a prize was being given for the most destructive creature would we get the award?

Be wise, Minimize

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Toxic soil – Toxic food

Toxic soil and toxic food has been a concern

There is so much about environmental protection that we all need to learn

Persistent toxic compounds can have adverse effect on plant growth and animal health

When all we think about is materialism and wealth

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Too much chemicals, salt, disease causing agents and radio active material makes the soil toxic

We can change what we are doing and stop causing each other to be sick

When we protect our soil, we protect our own health in many ways

So let’s spread the word about the importance of environmental protection every day


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Climate Change is Real

Climate Change is real

It is time for you to check out this great deal

And tell the children all they need to know about protecting the environment

They will grow up and become adults who are willing to make a commitment

To doing things in a much better way, each day

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When they are reusing, reducing and recycling in a better way

We can show them solutions to the problems we see

So they won’t need to be blaming you and me

For all the toxic air and water they will worry about

When we don’t tell them how changing habits can help us to work things out

Let’s tell them how important it is for us to reduce our Carbon footprint too

That is another great thing that we can do


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Why We Should Tell The Children How To Treat The Environment Right

When even the children know how to treat the environment right

We can all look forward to having a future that is bright

We will be reducing the problems that arise

When some persons refuse to open their eyes

They won’t look at the problems that are caused by deforestation

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They won’t try to do anything to fix a bad situation

Plastic pollution could be a thing of the past

When more of our children decide they don’t want the problem to last

We can have clean water and clean air

When even the children know about environmental care

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