Finding Happiness

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I will find happiness

When I forget the distress

I’ll leave the troubles behind

A beautiful place is out there , soon I’ll find

All the peace and harmony I will need

I will face the challenges and find ways to succeed

You can find success too

Happiness lives in the heart, that is nothing new


Waste and The Poor

How often do we stop to think about our waste and where it goes

And talk about those whose lives are filled with woes

There are persons who die because of toxins produced by waste

And some of us only worry about food and how it tastes

Life is not the same for everyone

But it would be nice if the rich could make different decisions 

So many persons who live on the dumps could have hope

If more wealthy persons would help them to cope

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If there was no one to help with recycling of our waste every day

How would we ;live? What would we say?

Tell The Children More About Love

Tell the children that love is great

They will find a way to eliminate hate 

They will find a way to create beautiful friendships

They will be kind and they’ll have great relationships

They will find out how great life can be

When love makes them feel happy and free

There will be no bullying and distress

Children will help each other to find success

Tell the children more about love today

Soon they will be living in the best way

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When children love

When Children Love

Plastic Pollution

Plastic blocking the drains

Getting into the ocean whenever it rains

We must solve this problem somehow

And it is best for us to do all we can right now

We will put the reusable bags in our cars every day

We will tell our children how to live i a new way

We will treat the environment right

And tell the children how their future can be bright

Protecting the environment is something we all need to do

Tell the children how they can do it too

Special E-books for the children are here…. they can read and learn how to manage the plastic pollution problem