The Love Light

When the love light shines Bright

No one wants to fuss and fight

And that argument will end

As we’ll become friends

That love light makes us want to smile

And help others to go the extra mile

When they start believing that no one cares

And life seems to be so unfair

Your love light can shine every day

It will send all the fears away

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Mexico and Bio Plastic

Bio Plastic has not been easy to produce

We need to have it in order to reduce plastic use

Let us get serious about preventing plastic pollution

We can keep on looking for more solution

Finding an alternative for plastic has been an important part of the plan to protect the environment for a long time. Mexico has made some very interesting moves towards replacing plastic. Let us hope that the rest of the world will follow in their footsteps


Clean Water or More Jobs?

The importance of having clean water is not thought about

When we seek to create more jobs these days

And without clean drinking water tell me how will we live in better ways

A vote for environmental care would cause politicians to see that we are smart

Clean air, water and soil that is not toxic can help our children to make a great start

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They want to plan for a future that is bright

But how can they do that when we won’t show them how to treat the environment right

We should tell politicians that they shouldn’t just think about today

They should be doing more to show us that it is good to treat the environment in a great way

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Bee Love Award

I would like to thank my Brother Matt Kohrell he shares his faith in Jesus in his blog and encourages others in their faith. He has a good blog where he brightens people’s days. You should Check it out.

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Say thank you for nominating me to the Bee Love Award.Nominate your fellow bloggers.Write your definition of love                                                                                                                  

Love is my guiding light, even though I know the word has been misused and abused a lot. I find peace in knowing the source of the word and acknowledging that there is nothing painful, confusing and pretentious about it.                                                                                                                             I just keep on hoping that the day will come when all the people on earth will take some time to understand why love found its way into the world and how important it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When you know and have love you have everything, it is the world’s greatest treasure and so many persons don’t want to accept that because they have been hurt by people who don’t understand anything about love and what it does for our lives.       

Those of us who know in our hearts that God is love have accepted a truth that transformed our lives and made it better, and we hope that more persons will learn the truth about love one day.

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Life can Be Like a Happy Song

Sing a happy song

Even though they did you wrong 

Play a happy tune

As decide that you will be feeling better soon
Yes , you will get to that beautiful place

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And your pain will be replaced

With a love that is pure and true

You’ll find a way to forget about feeling blue
There will be no sorrow in your heart

When you make your brand new start

You will find peace and rest

Remember what you went through was only a test
Life is not an easy ride

It is like a giant slide

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When you are at the top things look great

But when you are at the bottom ,you can’t celebrate
How hard it is to get to the top again

You’ve got to face heartache and pain

But sliding down at great speed feels so good

But when you are at the bottom you’ll forget about the good mood

More Environmental Care

Now that it is clear

That there is need for more environmental care

We should be helping more persons to be aware

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Of the many things they can do

To have an experience that is brand new

When they use eco friendly tips every day

And treat the environment in a great way

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There will be no need to worry about climate change

People will be protecting the environment and finding better ways to manage

When more recycling is done and the environment is kept clean

We will be glad that we encouraged more persons to go green


Hope is that thing that helps us to cope

When we are at the end of our rope

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And we just don’t know what to do

Because we can’t find a way to make it through

Hope is what we require

When a situation is dire

It will give us a solution or two

So we can forget about feeling blue

Hope is an awesome friend

That won’t borrow it only lends

It will tell you to hold on and make a plan

So you can be a better man or woman