Not Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is not that important they say

The environment will fix itself one day

But they don’t talk about the air quality at all

They don’t see how the number of mosquito-borne diseases would fall

When the environment is clean

When the plastic pollution problem is not seen

They don’t think about bacteria in the water we drink

Am I wrong? Do they really think?

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Do they think about the polluted soil that produces toxic food

Or does seeing the sick children cause them to be in a good mood

How could you not want to protect the sea creatures and beautiful beaches we like to visit

How could it be good for us to see the problem and just sit

Not protecting the environment should not be something we consider at all

The plastic pollution problem could leave us with our backs against the wall

Would you like to help more persons to be aware of the plastic pollution problem and what they can do to fix it?

Without Love

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You won’t be able to chase those dark clouds away

If love doesn’t give you the right words to say

Without love, you will give up and cry

There will be no one to tell you to try

There will be no one to dry your eyes

No one to answer when you ask why

No one to chase the sadness away

When you want to live in a better way

So put some love in your heart

So you can help others when their lives are torn apart

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Reducing Plastic Pollution



A solution for plastic pollution is needed now

We need to reject single-use plastic  we can find out how

Let us change the way we use plastic bags today

Using reusable bottles and bags will help to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away

When we protect the environment we protect our health

That is more important than all that wealth

Reuse, Reduce, recycle let us change the way we treat plastic today

Yes we can treat our environment in a great way

Reduce Global warming, don’t create a hell

In the future children will have great stories to tell

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Forgetting the Stress

If all you do is talk about the things that are bad

You might always be sad

When the good would make you glad

And you wouldn’t feel like getting mad

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The good gives freedom and a better life

Helps us to find peace and avoid strife

So choose the path that leads to less stress

That is how you will find the root of happiness

Why we need to Protect the Environment

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Protecting the Environment is not only about having clean drinking water and clean air

It is about showing each other that we care

It is about creating sustainable jobs for the unemployed

Poverty and disease we will avoid

We can show that we care about the future of our planet

We care about the examples we set

For children who imitate what we do

And are forming habits that are new

Let’s make a commitment

To protect the environment

In order for us to help our children to have a future that is bright

We have got to show and tell the children how to treat the environment right

Why Environmental Protection is Important


Many years ago no one knew that it was important for us to protect the environment and all the waste was discarded in rivers and the ocean

But after diseases killed persons and they found out the cause they realized that the environment needed to be cared for with devotion

There will need to be more recycling of all our waste and we need to shop less

It makes no sense for us to have a lot of stuff to throw away and create a mess

Environmental protection is something we all need to talk about

When the environment is unclean, we can always to dance and shout

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Before Single-Use-Plastic Existed

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We should be thinking of the way things were done before Single-Use-Plastic was around

Since it is clear that a solution to the plastic pollution problem needs to be found

There are persons who are thinking about what the Milkman did many years ago

As they try to make plans for having a clean environment and a bright tomorrow

It is time for us to think about protecting the environment before we think about the easy way out

Having Microplastic in our food is something we really need to be concerned about

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