Hope is that thing that helps us to cope

When we are at the end of our rope

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

And we just don’t know what to do

Because we can’t find a way to make it through

Hope is what we require

When a situation is dire


It will give us a solution or two

So we can forget about feeling blue

Hope is an awesome friend

That won’t borrow it only lends

It will tell you to hold on and make a plan

So you can be a better man or woman

Environmental Protection and the Benefits

When we protect the environment we get so much in return

When we hear about eco friendly tips we should be happy to learn

As we will be breathing clean air all day long

And we will always be singing our happy song

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When the water we drink is pure

We will have clean beaches and more

Our energy bills will be reduced

And less toxins will be produced

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Yes, there is nothing much that is more toxic

Than the burning of plastic

Even the children everywhere

Can learn about environmental care

Toxic soil – Toxic food

Toxic soil and toxic food has been a concern

There is so much about environmental protection that we all need to learn

Persistent toxic compounds can have adverse effect on plant growth and animal health

When all we think about is materialism and wealth

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Too much chemicals, salt, disease causing agents and radio active material makes the soil toxic

We can change what we are doing and stop causing each other to be sick

When we protect our soil, we protect our own health in many ways

So let’s spread the word about the importance of environmental protection every day


Now that you can spread the word about the importance of environmental protection in a new way

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When we Stand Together

When we stand together we can stand tall

We never need to say our backs are against the wall

Yes when we stand together we won’t fall

We will hear and answer each others calls

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Unity is the platform that gives us everything

It causes life to be fulfilling and exciting

So let’s stand together before there is bad weather

As life is much better when we help each other


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Protecting the Environment as we Change Habits

Using single -use-plastic makes life easy for us

As we are always rushing, we ca’t afford to miss the bus

Our habits can keep us trapped for a long time

We think we can’t change our ways, but its not a crime

For us to get out of bed earlier and use reusable cups and spoons

And do more to protect the environment so we can sing a new tune

Reducing plastic waste will help us to breathe in less toxic air

We can benefit a lot when we pay attention to environmental care

Plastic bottles have become a huge problem for us these days

Using reusable bottles and more will help us to treat the environment in a better way

Take reusable containers with you everywhere you go

You will be getting ready to have a clean environment tomorrow


Show the children how much you care…

Building Environmental Protection Awareness

Building Environmental Protection Awareness will solve a lot of the problems we have with plastic pollution

Helping more persons to be aware is a big part of the solution

They will be embracing Eco friendly ideas when they understand why they should

They will know why having less toxic air is good

More recycling, reusing and reducing will be done

And more persons will want their energy to come from the sun

There will be a reduction in the amount of Green house Gas that is produced

Plastic pollution and deforestation will be greatly reduced

The earth’s resources will be managed in a sustainable way

And we will be helping our children to have hope for a brighter day

Environmental protection awareness will be taught in schools

And every one will say protecting the environment is an idea that is very cool

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