Pursue Happiness

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Pursue happiness, make it your goal

Life is short, so take control

Pursue Happiness, you won’t be sorry

When you find it you won’t need to worry

Don’t you spend your life without it

Even if you feel like a misfit

Just going through the motions

With just one set of emotions

Happiness is the magic

Without it life seems tragic


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Patience, you cause love to last forever
You should get more attention
because you are clever
You live behind the scenes
And stop people in their tracks
when they think about being mean

You make it possible for us to
hang in there
When all we have is fear
You give love the strength every day
So we can know that love will never go away

Patience, without you, love would not be strong

And now I am telling you I was wrong

I hope you will stick around

Without you, love won’t be easily found

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What they won’t say About Love

hThey give hate a lot of attention

And some folks only have evil intentions

They won’t even think about being kind

They don’t care about helping anyone to have peace of mind

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But they can’t say this world wouldn’t be a better place

If love was found in every space

And there were more caring hearts around

And more persons could be lifted from the ground

If folks could always care for each other

We would all live like sisters and brothers

Love would always be near

It would wipe out fear

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So Many Words But No Peace?

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There are so many words but they are not enough

People are suffering, life for them gets tough

Our world needs peace, but communication is not good

People feel very weak when they are misunderstood

Leaders hold on to power, and forget how to care

So much blood is shed and hearts are filled with fear

I wonder if more words could fix the troubles in the world today

Leaders could use more words so they can protect lives in a better way

They are more important than Socialism and power

We help each other when we allow peace to rise like a strong tower

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Before Single-Use-Plastic Existed

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We should be thinking of the way things were done before Single-Use-Plastic was around

Since it is clear that a solution to the plastic pollution problem needs to be found

There are persons who are thinking about what the Milkman did many years ago

As they try to make plans for having a clean environment and a bright tomorrow

It is time for us to think about protecting the environment before we think about the easy way out

Having Microplastic in our food is something we really need to be concerned about

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The Journey we Call Life

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Sometimes we stumble

But if we are humble

We will not worry much

We will be happy about a touch

From a helping hand

When someone understands

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That the journey can be long

And we can keep each other strong

When we help each other to rise

So we can all reach for the prize

One person falls today and another falls tomorrow

We never know which heart will have sorrow

No, we never know what tomorrow will bring

But life is beautiful, even though we never know what we will be facing

When tomorrow knocks at our doors

We can only make it ours

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Mending a Heart

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Mending a heart is not a hard thing to do

You simply help a partner to forget about feeling blue

Remind them of the great things you did together in the past

Tell them how much you want the love to last

Make great plans for a future that is bright

I know you can do it, have happy partners to sleep with at nights

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You’ll be so glad that you decided to try these tips

There is nothing in the world that is better than great relationships