The Words We Choose

Words can help us to see things in a new way

When we listen and try to make our lives better every day

We should be careful about the words we choose

We should never use them to abuse

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When we can choose to use words that will amuse

Words can fix bad situations in lives

They can reunite husbands and wives

After many years of bitterness and separation

Persons can decide that they want to have a better situation

They can choose words that are kind

Help loved ones to have peace of mind

And take their lives to a beautiful place

So they can always put smiles on each others faces

So choose to use great words today

And live in that great way

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The Removal of the doubt

When you find hope

And learn how to cope

Doubt will say goodbye

And you’ll forget how to sigh

Life becomes a magical experience

There will be no need for pretense

Hope removes the doubt

Soon you will dance and shout

You’ll also be singing your favorite song

As you’ll believe that nothing can go wrong

So put on a smile and relax for a while

Allow hope to help you to go that extra mile

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Persistence and Success

Persistence helps us to stand tall

We will never say our backs are against the wall

And there is nothing more we can do

We won’t give up, and say we can’t make it through

When we know how good it is to be persistent

We won’t ever forget our commitment

We will think about our success

And find ways to impress

Success is there waiting for us

Even after we have been thrown under the bus

And our friends have left us behind

Success is what we can still find

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How you can Make the World A Better Place

When you try to put a smile on a face

You make the world a better place

You are spreading happiness

Helping to remove stress

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So say some kind words to someone

Help them to make a good decision

Try to improve their lives somehow

When you want the world to be better right now

Don’t say one person can’t change the world

When you can influence the thoughts of a boy or a girl

You can change the world one heart at a time

Think about it, you won’t be committing a crime

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From Something Good to Something Great

When you can see a little good

remember it can become something great

So get ready to celebrate

As you keep on improving that good thing

You’ll be surprised at the joy positive thoughts will bring

Yes, the good gets great

When we forget the hate

And allow love to unite the minds

A bright idea is what we will find

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Time is The Master

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Time is the master

Rejecting the fact can cause disasters

We can always be late

Miss appointments by forgeting dates

We will be left behind

By folks who are unkind

Time is the master

It won’t be going slower or faster

We can’t change a thing about it

And it still moves when we sit

So use it well at all times of the day

Or your challenges might never go away


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After your Survival

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Always remember that after you have made it through

You’ll forget how it feels to be sad and blue

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear

You won’t even remember fear

So when you are going through tough times keep on going

Keep on moving, do all the things you need to be doing

So you can get to the place where you’ll see better days

When you’ll be living in great ways

Enjoying life and having fun

Smiling and creating new memories until the days are done

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