I was Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award … Thanks

Hello Everyone, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I am very grateful to Zadi for her kind gesture.
I am a Jamaican who enjoys writing and I have a lot to write about, as there is never a dull moment in my life. As you know Jamaica is the place where people spend their vacations and I am always trying to do my part to encourage everyone to keep the island beautiful. 
Growing up on the island has caused me to have a lot of interesting experiences and I have been told that I tend to write about them in many different ways.

As a Jamaican I am constantly motivated by living in the same country as the fastest man and woman in the world, Usain Bolt  and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce. I am a trained Hotel Manager, an Author and a Creative Writer I like working in the Tourism Industry and I also like what it does for my country.

I am leaving the link to Zadi’s very interesting blog here so you can check it out. I think you will enjoy reading her posts as much as I do.   https://ultrasoundfeminsider.com/ 

Thank you very much for this nomination Zadi, now I am motivated to write more posts that readers will like.

The Rules for the awards are:
1. Embellish your blog with the shiny logo above

2. Give a bunch of thanks to the blogger who nominated you

3. Answer the 10 questions you have been asked

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5. Ask 11 questions

1. What inspired you to start the blog?

I was raised in a friendly city where tourism was important to the economy and I learned how important it is for us to protect the environment and treat persons well. When I realized that the pollution of the environment was getting worse in so many places across the world I decided to write about the things we can do to have a clean environment because we all need vacations sometimes and no one wants to spend time in places where the air and the water are polluted. I have added other topics to my blog as I share my knowledge about motivation and life.

2. My Target audience include parents who want to leave a healthy environment for their children to inherit. But I write for everyone who wants to have a clean and healthy environment. I am working on a project for the children and the environment. They will have books to read about the simple things they can do to protect the environment every day after a while.

3. Tell us a funny story/ memory you have?

I have loved singing all my life and I remember singing aloud as I was confident that I was doing well, but when I decided to look around my sister and everyone there was laughing as I didn’t know the song that well. I was not doing well at all.

4. Do you like reading/ and if so what books do you read?
I like reading the Bible and books about relationships and how to make them better.

5. What are your favorite movies?

My favorite movie is Fire Proof. 

6. What is your favorite food?

I like Mangoes
7. Are you a positive person?

I am a positive person as I always have hope, I believe it makes no sense for me to doubt because it will only stand in my way and block out the great ideas.
8. Which one of your teachers was your favorite

My favorite teacher was my German teacher, I enjoyed learning to speak her language as I prepared to interact with persons from many places around the world.

9. Do you think love will make a better world? Explain why

I think there would be a lot less problems in the world if we could love each other because we would be united and strong. There would be no wars, no poverty as we would share and care, no racism, no gins and bombs and the list goes on. I believe love is the solution for all our troubles.

10. Fast Forward 10 years from now, how do you see yourself at that time?

I think I will be relaxing on the beach somewhere, still having fun.

Below are my 5 nominees


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@Ihagh G. T.


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These are my questions for my nominees:

1, What inspired you to write your blog?

2. Do you think it is important to protect the environment?

3. Do you encourage the children you know to learn about protecting the environment?

4. If you don’t have an Electric car as yet, do you plan to buy one in the future? 

5. Do you think it is important for you to encourage children to learn about protecting the environment?

6. Do you think motivation is important?

7. How do you stay motivated?

8. Do you like reading/ what books do you read?

9. Are you the kind of person who likes to stay indoors or out?

10. Do you think love would make the world into a better place? Why? 


Waste Management and Our Duty

Poor waste management affects us all

We shouldn’t wait until our backs are against the wall

To do our part, from our waste we should remove recyclable items

As we try to protect the environment and reduce our problems

We will have better air and water quality after a while

So let us all try to go the extra mile

Photo by Emre Kuzu on Pexels.com

And set a good example for the children we know

We can show them how to separate waste, so they will follow

Waste management has been a problem in many cities

The Zero waste plan offers endless possibilities

It can be implemented in many places

There will be a lot more smiles on faces

There will be more jobs for the poor

And we will have beautiful beaches and more

Did you see the ebooks and fiverr gigs and see how the everyone can benefit from your support of the project for the children and the environment?


The Removal of the doubt

When you find hope

And learn how to cope

Doubt will say goodbye

And you’ll forget how to sigh

Life becomes a magical experience

There will be no need for pretense

Hope removes the doubt

Soon you will dance and shout

You’ll also be singing your favorite song

As you’ll believe that nothing can go wrong

So put on a smile and relax for a while

Allow hope to help you to go that extra mile


Did you see the project for the children and the environment? It is right here

Persistence and Success

Persistence helps us to stand tall

We will never say our backs are against the wall

And there is nothing more we can do

We won’t give up, and say we can’t make it through

When we know how good it is to be persistent

We won’t ever forget our commitment

We will think about our success

And find ways to impress

Success is there waiting for us

Even after we have been thrown under the bus

And our friends have left us behind

Success is what we can still find

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is a project here for the children and the environment , did you see?

Health is the True Wealth

When we are not healthy we can’t enjoy the things our money can buy

Some persons spend all their money trying to get well and then they die

Since health is connected to having an environment that is not polluted

When environmentalists make claims about protecting the environment they should not be refuted

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

As we can only be healthy when our water and air are both clean

Don’t talk against the ones who care, don’t create a scene

Our health is our wealth and that’s a fact

So when you hear about ways to protect the environment, just act

Reuse, reduce and recycle and do more to have an environment that is clean

Speak to persons about protecting the environment so they can know about environmental protection awareness and what it really means


There is a project here for the children and the environment, you can take a care

How you can Make the World A Better Place

When you try to put a smile on a face

You make the world a better place

You are spreading happiness

Helping to remove stress

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

So say some kind words to someone

Help them to make a good decision

Try to improve their lives somehow

When you want the world to be better right now

Don’t say one person can’t change the world

When you can influence the thoughts of a boy or a girl

You can change the world one heart at a time

Think about it, you won’t be committing a crime

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com


Did you know about the project for the children and the environment


The Wind Farm and its Benefits

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In Jamaica there is a wind farm that is supplying the grid

And its shares are being sold so the people can bid

When it continues to grow we will see smaller bills

More persons will work there and improve their skills

Reducing the energy bill is a great thing to do

Economic growth is a great thing to look forward to

Reduced cost of electricity will have a great impact on the poor

They will be able to use the money they save to do a lot more

Supporting Wind Farms is a great thing to do

I hope you are doing the same thing in your country too

I like to see renewable energy projects they are what we need

They are designed to help many persons to succeed


Did you see the project for the children and the environment?