ECO Friendly Chat With Children

Have that eco friendly chat with the children

No need to wait until they are ten

They can learn about waste separation

And start being more aware of the bad situation

That was created over the years

Let them know how much you care

Plastic pollution and deforestation can be stopped after a while

And both the rich and poor will be wearing bright smiles

Let us put an end to the plastic pollution problem in a creative way

When we tell the children how to treat the environment right each day

We can try to reduce the amount of plastic that is getting unto our beach

When environmental protection becomes a subject that we teach

Having a clean environment will be good for our health

And more persons will be finding ways to increase their wealth

The price of products will go down after a while

And spending less will surely make you smile

Toxic Plastic

When plastic is burned the air gets toxic

And there are many who will get sick

So we will reduce plastic use

When we simply refuse

Refuse plastic straws

When there are no new laws

Refuse single use cups and plates

When you want your life to be great

Refusing those plastic water bottles each day

And show others how to treat the environment in a great way

Now you can purify your own water

Make earth beautiful so there can always be fun and laughter

Recycling can be done in Many Ways

Recycling can be done with paper, electronics, plastic and more

We can easily work toward having zero waste, that’s for sure

Yes recycling can be done in many ways

And after a while we will see how much it pays

We will be creating jobs for the homeless and the poor

Did you know we can start saving a lot more

When we make rugs with old plastic bags or old T-Shirts

And giving away our old blouses and skirts

Other folks will be shopping less and saving

We will be so proud of the new way in which we are behaving

We can do more recycling and reduce our waste each day

Soon we will see how much protecting the environment really pays

Spread the Word about the Importance of Environmental Protection in a New Way

Now that it is so easy for you to tell the children everywhere

Why they should learn all they can about environmental care

You can spread the message about important message more

Without shouting and walking as you go from door to door

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When you give children the books they will like to read

They will start thinking about their own needs

Their need for clean water and air

Will make them want to care

They will want to tell everyone they know

How they should plant trees and watch them grow

This eco project presents a solution for the problems we have today

Soon we all will be treating the environment in a great way

Clean Water or More Jobs?

The importance of having clean water is not thought about

When we seek to create more jobs these days

And without clean drinking water tell me how will we live in better ways

A vote for environmental care would cause politicians to see that we are smart

Clean air, water and soil that is not toxic can help our children to make a great start

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They want to plan for a future that is bright

But how can they do that when we won’t show them how to treat the environment right

We should tell politicians that they shouldn’t just think about today

They should be doing more to show us that it is good to treat the environment in a great way

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Eco India

More jobs are created when plastic is reused

And plastic pollution is also reduced

So why don’t we see more being done to create Green jobs

While so many persons have decided to go out and rob

I Hope 2020 will be the year when the Zero waste plan is implemented in more places

And there will be less homelessness and more smiling faces

Environmental protection awareness will get more attention

And pollution will be a word we don’t need to mention


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