Toxic Plastic

When plastic is burned the air gets toxic

And there are many who will get sick

So we will reduce plastic use

When we simply refuse

Refuse plastic straws

When there are no new laws

Refuse single use cups and plates

When you want your life to be great

Refusing those plastic water bottles each day

And show others how to treat the environment in a great way

Now you can purify your own water

Make earth beautiful so there can always be fun and laughter

Say Goodbye to Fear

When you are constantly searching for solutions so that problems can disappear

You will say there really is no need for fear

No need for anxiety and stress

Solutions bring joy and happiness

That fear will hold you back

When all you see is lack

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But when solutions are uncovered

You will no longer be bothered

With the problem you saw before

All you need is that cure

Spread the Word about the Importance of Environmental Protection in a New Way

Now that it is so easy for you to tell the children everywhere

Why they should learn all they can about environmental care

You can spread the message about important message more

Without shouting and walking as you go from door to door

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When you give children the books they will like to read

They will start thinking about their own needs

Their need for clean water and air

Will make them want to care

They will want to tell everyone they know

How they should plant trees and watch them grow

This eco project presents a solution for the problems we have today

Soon we all will be treating the environment in a great way

Mexico and Bio Plastic

Bio Plastic has not been easy to produce

We need to have it in order to reduce plastic use

Let us get serious about preventing plastic pollution

We can keep on looking for more solution

Finding an alternative for plastic has been an important part of the plan to protect the environment for a long time. Mexico has made some very interesting moves towards replacing plastic. Let us hope that the rest of the world will follow in their footsteps


No Complains about The Rain

I won’t complain

About the rain

I won’t need the sun

Won’t worry about fun

You see without the rain

I wouldn’t be smiling again

When the flowers bloom

And remove the gloom

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So I know the dreary days are needed sometimes

And it is not a serious crime

To find something new to do

While I make it through

Because without the rain

Flowers wouldn’t bloom again

Life would be depressing

I know the rain is a blessing
So I won’t complain

About getting wet again

I’ll wear a smile and cover my head

I might even stay in my bed

And when the sun comes out

I’ll say I have no doubt

That the rain is very important

Even though I am not a plant

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