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If no one Tells

If no one tells the children about the 

suffering Turtles out there

How will they know that they should 

take protect the environment and

understand why they should care

If no one tells the children about toxic fumes

Won’t they just assume

That the materialistic behavior doesn’t hurt

at all

And their backs will never be against the wall

When everything is polluted and toxic

And even they are getting sick


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The Environment and the Economy

If the environment is destroyed as we grow our economy

One day we will wake up to a harsh reality

With contaminated food and no drinking water

We’ll have nowhere to go and enjoy nature

Balance is needed in everything we do

Or after a while, we will be sad and blue

When we won’t even tell the children how to treat the environment right

How will we have a future that is bright?


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The Birds Chirp



When I hear the birds chirp out there

I know the dawn is here

I say it’s time for me to smile

And believe I can go the extra mile

If they can be happy I can be happy too

There is no reason for me to be blue

I can find new songs to sing

I don’t need to worry about a thing

The birds found a way to set the trend

So you don’t need to worry about anything my friend


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Mother Earth’s Tear

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I think I saw Mother Earth shed a tear

She said when will humans ever care

About the other creatures who call

me their home today

When will they be living in the right way

When will humans stop the burning and polluting

When will they  stop destroying

And think about the health of everyone

So that every creature on the planet can live on

Mother Earth I hope your tear will not go unnoticed

I hope more humans will make and keep a promise

To value all the beauty they can see around them

And start looking at ways to find solutions for environmental problems

When children know why they should treat the environment rightThey can easily work towards having a future that is