More about Biodegradable packaging and Protecting the Environment


 The Children benefit from knowing the Difference Between Non-biodegradable waste and Biodegradable waste
Children who are aware of all they can do to protect the environment and know the difference between Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable waste will make better decisions when they go shopping and when they discard their waste. They will know about the many things they can do to protect the environment. They will grow up and continue having good habits. So they will know how to stay healthy as they do all they can to protect the environment. There will be a reduction in the amount of respiratory illnesses that is being experienced by persons when they inhale toxic fumes. It is good for our children to know how they can benefit from environmental protection

father-daughter-beach-sea-38302.jpegHabits Help

Lets not wait until children become adults before we try to get them to change bad habits by spending a…

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Deep Blue Sea

I heard you calling me

Deep Blue Sea

with your rushing waves

You told me I could be brave

I should challenge the oppressor

And be free forever

Free to feel the soft wind on my face

Free to visit that beautiful place

Free to sit by your shore

And say I will worry no more

Oh deep blue sea

You really do a lot for me




Zero Waste

Zero Waste is a great goal to set

Have you told the children

about it as yet

They will be happy to

protect the environment each day

When they know they will have

an opportunity to live in a better way

Children should be told about the great plan

They will want to spread the word as much as they can


sea beach sand child
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Zero Waste means less waste in the Sea

And a healthy environment for you and me

Zero waste means fewer toxins in the air and soil

The use of clean energy, as we reduce our use of oil

Zero Waste is a wonderful plan

For every boy, girl, woman and man


When children know why they should treat the environment rightThey can easily work towards having a future that is

Children Should be Told About the Harmful effect Plastic has on The Environment

A clean environment


When children are told about the harmful effect plastic has on the environment and how it affects their health, they will show more interest in the things they can start doing to have a clean and healthy environment. They will not litter the streets and they will pay more attention to recycling, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. They will develop the good habits that will help them to work towards having a bright future here on planet earth. However, when they are not told about protecting the environment and how plastic can harm them, they will continue doing all the things they see others do as they keep on polluting the water, the soil, and the air.

Burning Plastic

Burning plastic releases toxins into the air, these toxins harm us in many ways, have you noticed the increase in the number of children who have Cancer? Added to…

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No More Volunteering for Beach Clean-up Days


Wouldn’t it be great if we were never in need of beach clean-up days? If everyone on the planet could discard their waste in a responsible way and waste didn’t get to the beaches?
It is possible for this to happen if we educate our children about the importance of protecting the environment, so the beaches will always be clean and marine animals won’t be eating plastic and dying.
If children are aware of the simple things they can do to protect the environment, they will grow up to be responsible adults who will do more recycling, reusing and reducing of plastic waste.
There are children who are already very concerned about the environment and what their lives will be like when they grow up.

No more Litter
Littering streets every day and causing the waste to get to the beaches whenever the rain falls is something…

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