If The Environment was Protected more Food Shortage Would be Reduced

When people care about the health of each other

They will care about the health of the Earth they call Mother

More will be done to reduce food shortage and starvation

Farmers will be supported more, so they can change the bad situation

More people would be able to share and care

When more crops are planted there will be less despair

It would be good if more was done to distribute food all over the world by now

With all the modern technology, less could be spent on war and we could figure out how

How we could find ways to plant enough crops to feed everyone on the planet

How we could do more for the poor, there might be a lot of help we can get

Ending Poverty

Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

It is time for us to end poverty and food shortages on the planet

The money and time spent on entertainment and wars can feed all the people who aren’t getting help as yet

More food can be planted by more people every day

When we all decide to live in a different way

Why aren’t more people told about the importance of planting a seed

Why is everyone told that only Mathematics, Languages and Science can help us to succeed

Food Shortage

Photo by WeStarMoney on Pexels.com

Why are farmers looked down on is some places

When they put smiles on so many faces

When they deliver healthy food to our tables for us to eat

Food that is not nutritious and fruits that are sweet

Food shortage might be everywhere one day

If we don’t learn how to live in a new way

If we don’t spread the word about the need for environmental care

One day climate change might fill our hearts with fear

The heat will kill more crops when we see more droughts

It will be hard for us to work things out

However, when we try to save the planet we are saving our own lives

We are finding many new ways to go green, so we can survive

Since we are the ones who destroyed all the beauty we found here

We can change our ways and work towards having more food, clean water and air
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

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