How To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution in the ocean, plastic pollution of the sea, plastic pollution of the air and water, a change is what we need to see

When will we say plastic pollution is a problem that is sticking around for too long and we should set ourselves free?

You will like this plan to remove the plastic pollution problem forever

I believe the people who took the time to put it together are very clever

They went out and collected plastic waste before they made a new and better plan

Now we see that things can change when we simply believe that we can

It is good that we can now have hope that the makers of nonbiodegradable material will take on some responsibility

They can plant more trees and use more paper in their packaging, because they have the money and the ability

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We all should be working together ever since the plastic pollution problem began

It is sad that China and other countries had to refuse waste before there was a new plan

And the big companies did not put it together, so we hope they will take action

This new plan is the best one I have heard about, those who put it together, made a right decision

A new way of thinking is all we need sometimes, and then we will see the change we were waiting for

It is important for all of us to do more to have a future that is secure

The rich people who make products and do nothing about the pollution problems can do their part

I think it is never too late for us all to make a brand new start

More tree planting and the use of more paper packaging is a part of a good plan too

It is time for us to think about waste in a different way, so we can have ideas that are new

We shouldn’t just leave all the decision making to the politicians and then relax

There are many problems we can fix when we have all the facts

Raise Children who are Aware of the Need for Environmental care

They won’t be allowing the pollution problem to stick around when they have solutions

So why not raise children who can get rid of plastic pollution

Help them to prepare for the future today

They will be making decisions in a much better way

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