Why Ground Water Pollution Can Harm Us

Protecting our Ground water is important and more people need to be aware of this

And this is even more important for those who are doing businesses

We all can develop better habits as we learn about the need for environmental care

We will be much healthier when we drink clean water and breathe in clean air

The chemicals used in pesticides and other products can hurt humans

So we need to think about environmental protection while we can

Since some pesticides pollutes ground water and we can stop using them

It is good that we can make changes that will solve some of our problems

And since lack of awareness can cause us to lose a lot

We should be getting information and using all the many solutions we’ve got

Sometimes the things we contaminate can destroy our health

Yet there are some folks who only care about wealth

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Some pollutants make water unsafe when they build up over time

When pollution cause illnesses to develop we can be left without a dime

Understanding what happens with wells is so important

Even though a treatment system can remove pollutants

Carefully dispose of hazardous waste more often

Don’t just protect the environment every now and then

Proper disposal of household pollutants can help reduce contamination

We can become people who protect the environment because of our determination

So let us do all we can to get more information about the things we use each day

It is not good for us to be polluting our water when we can do things in a better way

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Encourage Children to Be Aware of the Need for Environmental Care too

When we encourage our children to be aware of how they can benefit from protecting the environment

We are preparing them for a future that will be filled with healthy living, peace and contentment

We should not take things for granted and think that they can learn just like how we learned in the past

We have a crisis now, with all this pollution, who knows how long will the planet last?

Support the Eco-Kids project here today

Now that you can help children to face the future in a great way

When you tell them all about going green today

family carrying golf clubs while walking
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