Sustainability is becoming more important and preparing for the Future Should be Done in a New Way

Sustainability is linked to more recycling and now it is clear

That there is nothing more important than environmental care

We must expand the reach of environmental education

If we intend to avoid a very environmental devastation

When children grow up without the knowledge of the harm that is being done to ecosystems

They will continue to have and create even more problems

Sustainability should mean a lot more to us if we plan to have a future that is bright

If all we plan to do in the future is use more robots and computers, how will we avoid having a more serious environmental pollution plight

The production of more robots, gadgets and devices has caused e-waste to be a new source of pollution

We will never live sustainably if we don’t do more recycling and understand why that is a great solution

If we were doing more recycling before, we would be creating more jobs and see reduced unemployment

More people need to wake up and realize that we can benefit in many ways when we protect the environment

Producing more and more things to create waste that we will eventually burn in landfills is far from what we need to do if we want to be living sustainably

It is time for us to start being more creative in the way we plan to have a new reality because we have the ability

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When we think of environmental protection and take action so we can make our future bright

Eventually we will get rid of our pollution problems as we learn how to do things in a sustainable way when we see the light

Our children might inherit a world that has too much waste piled up in too many places

If we don’t do more to increase the recycling we do, and try to put more smiles on their faces

We say children are the future and we need to do more

If we only make that statement and don’t change our actions their future will not be secure

Now that teenagers are demonstrating in many places as they try to get adults to listen and act

We can only hope that their actions will have an impact

Climate Action

Many leaders seem to be ignoring them but they are growing up fast

And it could be possible for them to be the ones who will find solutions that will cause earth to last

The children who are worried about the damage that is being done to the environment are the ones who are finding solutions

They know that they can remove many of the problems that is now causing pollution

It is time for more adults to do their part to educate the children about the issues they will face due to pollution that increases everyday

It is only fair that we help them to prepare for the future in the right way

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