Waste to Energy Plants Can Make a Big Difference

Do you believe our politicians could do more to build waste to energy plants in more places?

And our dependence on oil could be reduced so we could have lower electricity bills and some of our stress could be erased?

There are people who have solar panels on their homes and they are doing a lot more with their money

With solar, they are saying they can look forward to a life that is bright and sunny

We only need to see a change in the way waste is managed now

We should help more people to see that waste to wealth is a possibility somehow

Thinking that nothing can change because we have been living in one way so long

Will cause more problems while we pollute the earth and sing the same old sad song

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It is time for us to stop allowing plastic to breakdown in many ways and get into our bodies

Health is the most important thing we have on earth, and it is time for us to explore possibilities

We should be telling more people every day about how they can benefit from recycling and using renewable energy

Instead of sitting and waiting for more illnesses, high bills, toxic food and more bad strategies

That has been done for over 50 years and the problem with garbage or trash has still been causing stress

So much more should be done to build more of these waste to energy plants so pollution can be less

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Waste to Energy Plants Need Solutions too

Even though waste is not very combustible and we need to add fossil fuels to sustain the combustion so it does not reduce CO2 production

In countries where they have waste to energy plants, they have started living with better instructions

The burning of waste also emits CO2 that pollutes, expensive treatments are added to the exhaust system and the cost increases

With more composting, reducing, reusing and recycling our problems can decrease

Front end separation to make sure we don’t produce toxic waste gasses or liquids from certain discarded materials is another issue

For every problem we can only hope there is a solution that is new

The solutions we find for the problems we face with waste management will take us to the best place

We need to keep on trying to reduce pollution until all the problems are erased

Waste to Energy is a Positive Step

Overall it should be a net positive, compared to just burn or just burry the raw waste so it can continue polluting soil and under ground water too

Think about what all this pollution does and decide that you won’t be leaving the children with so much woes

Added to that, just how long you will be on earth to live with all the problems created by pollution nobody knows

Waste to energy plants can help us to remove many of our pollution problems and we hope this solution will get more attention

When we start discussing the pollution problems more, we will be having more invention

Children and the future

Teenagers and children are becoming more concerned about the pollution of the environment these days

Let us encourage them to learn about the solutions, children are the future they need to plan for life in better ways

Equip them with the information you have now even if it is not full of all the solutions they need

Show them that you love them and want them to live in a great way. Help them to succeed


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6 thoughts on “Waste to Energy Plants Can Make a Big Difference

  1. A gigantic step in reducing the garbage that irremediably damages nature is this method. A clear example is given by Sweden, where around 49% of household waste is recycled; the rest is incinerated in plants like Linköping: the heat produced is transformed into steam that turns turbines to generate electricity, just like conventional power plants that burn coal or gas. The question is that governments agree to use this type of plant and, on the other hand, if they have the technology to do so. Finally, something can be done. Good article Denise. Excellent weekend for you.
    Manuel Angel

    1. Your comment is so interesting Manuel, the Government is too be blamed in all the places where waste is left to pollute the environment, it is clear. Thank you so much for reading the post, I appreciate your encouragement.

      1. Reading you is expanding knowledge about this problem that is getting bigger and bigger if corrective measures are not taken to solve it. Good Sunday Denise

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