World Water Day -March 22

Water is a very important resource that is dwindling, as populations grow and it is overused

When we reduce pollution and protect the environment we just can’t lose

The underground water is polluted in many places when landfills burn and toxins seep into the underground supply

On the World Water Day we need to remember why it is important to be aware of the solutions for pollution we can apply

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We can conserve more when we wash our clothes, cars and other things

The climate crisis has caused more droughts and a reduction in the number of rivers and streams

If we don’t do more to conserve water, in the future children won’t be able to live their dreams

They will have far less water than what we are seeing now

We should be thinking of ways to help the children to have a bright future somehow

We should make great plan for tomorrow and water is life and more

Without a good water supply we can’t say our future will be secure

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When we protect the environment we are protecting our water supply as well

If we won’t conserve and pollute our water sources less, we will have more sad stories to tell

A healthy environment and clean water, that is what we need

If we are not trying to have that, we won’t succeed

We can have many gadgets and things but our lives will not be great

Because without health, it makes no sense for us to smile and celebrate

Let us protect the environment and our water in a better way

We can do more reusing, reducing and recycling starting today

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Without water we can’t keep anything clean

That is why it is important for us to go green

Without water we will have no food to eat

No soups, no vegetables and nothing sweet

Protecting the environment is not just another option anymore

Our children are saying we are causing their future to be insecure

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2 thoughts on “World Water Day -March 22

  1. For us it is natural to have water at the moment, but we have to handle it carefully and help those who do not have access to water. LG Marie

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