The Green Economy Offers The Win Win Situation we Need Now

Green Jobs and Clean Environment

Green jobs that will help us to create a bright future is what the green economy has to give

We only need to get politicians to understand that there is a better way for us to live

Living with the green economy will truly help us to clean up our planet and plan for a future that is bright

If only more leaders would wake up and see the light

We would be reducing our use of fossil fuels much faster

And maybe we would start the journey that would lead to us having less natural disasters

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If only we could see the green light shining at the end of the pollution tunnel one day

And say it is time for us to learn all about going green so we can live in a better way

Think of reduced bills, clean air, better health and all the benefits derived from the green economic model

Simply planning to make the switch will cause many people to have great stories to tell

When they start planting more and eating healthy as they develop new businesses

Planning to welcome the green economy will truly remove a lot of stress

Ending the plan that causes us to use, discard and see waste burning in landfills could end

This is so awesome, those who say we should continue with the old way, can only pretend

There would be more room for the poor to live in great ways

As a new job creation strategy would be here to stay

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They tried other ways of rebuilding after a crisis before and it didn’t work

And now we must try harder to encourage the rich to stop acting like jerks

Thinking about their wealth and their pockets instead of our future

While they lead the world down a path that will never make life better

The Children and Their Future

We must make great plans for the children and their future somehow

And the best time for us to learn how to live with a green economy is now

When our children are equipped with eco-friendly tips and good eco habits

They will be ready to face the future and the earth will be the most grateful planet

If you are not interested in the green economy, can I ask you why?

Economic recovery is depending on it, and it is good for us to make plans that will lift our spirits high

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