Protecting Land, Water and People So Our Future Will be Secure

When big companies are allowed to mine minerals in areas where poor people live

Too much devastation is caused and people suffer as life is not restored to what it should be like even with the money the companies give

Why should big companies destroy the life of the poor so they can produce more things ?

They don’t think about the increased pollution and all the problems that will bring

The Damage Caused by Mining

These big companies cause the drinking water to be polluted and the people who live nearby get ill

After that happens there is simply no end to their medical bills

The soil in some areas become poisoned, it is destroyed forever

It would be good if the Ceo’s of these companies could think things over

Even children suffer from many different respiratory illnesses because of pollution

When will humans stop destroying the lives of other humans? We need a solution

A lot more recycling should be done and the minerals in the ground would not be needed anymore

When will the rich start doing things in a new way so they can protect the poor?

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More Aware of the Damage Done

Even the Managers of these big companies don’t seem to be aware of the damage done to people’s health

Is it possible that they know but they don’t care, are they just thinking about wealth?

If only environmental protection awareness was mentioned to children long ago

We would see a lot more adults who are aware of the problems they create, we would also see less sorrow

Creating jobs for a few while so many are left to suffer can never be a good thing to do

When will humans stop mining, making and discarding and start helping more people to make it through

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I am sure they would be forced to reuse and recycle if there was nothing left under the earth to mine

It is time for the owners of these big companies to stop making plans to hurt people while they are doing fine

We all want to enjoy our lives and there is nothing to enjoy after the destruction has been done

These mining companies can never pay for the destruction they cause when land, water and lives are destroyed

It is time for these people who are suffering to get some relief, if wealthy people were in their position they would be very annoyed

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The eco-friendly children‘s project is here

The future will be bright when the children know how to protect the environment


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