Climate Change and Reduced Snowfall Causing Olympians to Worry

Manmade snow might be damaging to the environment

We can only hope the leaders will take another look at their commitment

And do more to address the climate change crisis in a new way

As it is time for us to do what is needed, so we can see a brighter day

Climate Change and Reduced Snow Fall

Since climate change has caused reduced snow fall in some places

Leaders thought snow could simply be replaced

However, the chemicals used to create snow is bad for the soil

So Olympians might not get to perform after all their preparation and toil

woman dancing on ice skates
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Now there are other places where there are terrible blizzards

And life for people in those places have become very hard

We can only hope leaders will start doing more to save the planet

Since there is not much they have been doing as yet

They haven’t changed they way kids learn about environmentally friendly tips in schools

It might be impossible for anything to change if we don’t start living by new rules

Now that children can read simple environment books and learn more about going green

Adults can do their part by supporting the eco-kids project and plan to have an environment that is clean

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