Climate Change and the Crisis That is Creating Refugees

The economic growth of the whole world might be affected by flooding and other climate change issues

Depletion of ground water, Sea level rise, land subsiding and frequent heavy rains are topics that are constantly in the news

There are climate refugees who are suffering every day

And it is time for everyone to treat the earth in a better way

Climate Refugees and Food Security

Many are being forced to leave their homes and have no where to go

While there are individuals who don’t want to hear that refugees want to have hope for a better tomorrow

We are all citizens who reside on this planet

It would be good if we could act now so we won’t need to talk about regret

The seasons have changed timing and some farmers have given up, they cannot plant crops anymore

When they live in cities the rest of the world say the future of food is not secure

Since Climate solutions won’t harm us in any way

Shouldn’t we be trying to change our ways as we plan to see a brighter day?

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Climate Change Will affect Us All

We all need to care about the people who are suffering because of climate change

We can’t say we will never be affected, the changes we see are looking strange

No one on the earth knows when the effects of climate change will affect them

That is why the rich should be helping the poor with their problems

When cities become over crowded they say over population is a problem they should fix

Even though there is no over population in the places that are affected by climate change so we know some folks are using tricks

People are living at the edge of despair

It is time for others to learn how to care

Climate Refugees and the new way of thinking needed
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