Coral Reef Restoration is Important

It is so good that there are people who care about ecosystems and the creatures who depend on them

Even though there are others who don’t, and they only destroy and cause problems

Living in a sustainable way and protecting our environment is a great thing to do

And being productive as we produce needed goods and services for each other is good too

However, we all need to stop damaging ecosystems when we are trying to earn

They things are important and it is time for more people to learn

There are fishermen who use dynamite to blow up the reef in order to earn faster sometimes

And those huge boats with very big nets drag the coral reef along with the catch and that should be seen as a crime

The coral reef and mangroves are very important even though we don’t hear about them everyday

When they are damaged some fishermen cannot earn in the same way

They will need to go further out in the waters to fish and that is a lot more dangerous

It is amazing what they go through in order to have seafood so they can cater to us

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Environmental Education and Environmental Care

It is just not fair for some folks to disregard environmental care

And destroy the livelihood of others, causing them to face despair

Environmental education could get more attention every day

This would help us all to live in a much better way

Creating more green jobs and more to reduce crime and violence

Can be a part of a good plan but many leaders only destroy to make dollars and cents

Protecting the oceans and the seas is far more important than we think

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The Oceans and Food Security

Let us do more for the reef before seafood disappears, now we could be at the brink

It is good that there are people who are paying attention to these important ecosystems

I don’t know what would happen to humanity if we didn’t have them

We would continue allowing people to do damage and nothing would be restored

And after a while we would be wondering why we have no fish to eat, why wasn’t our food secured

Protecting the oceans and the seas is very important for our survival

Industrialisation has caused a host of problems since its arrival

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Let us #GoGreen and spread the word about the need for #environmentaleducation #environmentalprotection #Sustainability #zerowaste and other plans for the future. How about helping #children to for the future in a great way while they learn

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Published by denise421win

A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

19 thoughts on “Coral Reef Restoration is Important

      1. You’re welcome Denise, and of course I love to help; I’ve done Earth Day cleanups and hold a DEM license in water purification system operator; as well I’ve been certified over time in Wildlife Rehab. We can only keep trying and say our prayers for things to change for the better! Each of us can help were we can!

      2. Hi again Denise! Thank you very much for caring as you do and I pray God watch-over you and yours for the goodness and love you express in your actions and thoughts; its so helpful to me to see this in you and others who genuinely care so deep in the heart!

        My Dad and Granddad both told me never quit and I learned over many years of living what they meant and why! You’re right Denise we keep trying and our Hope is that we will make a difference; ultimately that is our responsibility and intention, which is a good thing unto itself!

        You have a great day too and I will try even more now that you told me that!

      3. Absolutely Denise, there was and is great value in what you are saying and inspiring in others!
        My Mom was always telling me and my siblings growing up that there is always room for improvement! Now I see how true that was and is especially now; and how so many people were and are not thinking about that at all! Too much taking and grabbing or just blowing important things off!
        We won’t stop thinking positive and putting our best foot forward to do the right thing!
        Nice meeting you too and God bless!

  1. Good point, and needs to be part of a holistic long term plan that will prevent the same thing from happening again in 50 years. Project Do Better might help with that.

    We can definitely Do Better.

      1. Likewise, Denise: your comments on my posts have been helpful, and our work is in the same direction. Your work is a specific part of Project Do Better’s mission, with a longer term outlook.
        It just needs more sharing.

  2. “Il ripristino della barriera corallina è importante”. Ho letto che molte istituzioni sono organizzate per fare questo lavoro di manutenzione della barriera corallina. Un lavoro molto lodevole perché l’ambiente è molto poco protetto. Buon articolo. Saluti.

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