Saving the Planet for the Next Generation

Melting glaciers, wild fires, and many catastrophic weather events

They are getting worse all over the world because humans didn’t care the environment

Our planet was beautiful and we simply didn’t think we should keep it that way

As some of us are only concerned with getting richer even if others suffer every day

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Saving the Planet and Reduced Suffering

Money alone can’t help us to have a great life, as the best things on earth are free

More people need to understand how to protect the air, land and sea

Saving the planet is important and some folks don’t think environmental protection is needed at all

Even though there is so much pollution in some places and suffering people actually have their backs against the wall

Even though our oceans are polluted, saving our planet is not seen by some folks as something we should think about

There are climate change deniers who have decided to hold on to their doubt

They want to keep on using fossil fuel, pesticides and other harmful chemicals as they cut down trees

They don’t think about the importance of the many creatures and insects, now we even need to protect the bees

There is no other planet nearby that is able to sustain human life, we can’t go planet hopping one day

So whenever you see a climate denier, please tell them that they need to start looking at life in a brand new way?

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Our children deserve to have a planet to live on in the future

And now that you can help them to learn eco-friendly tips while they have an adventure

Let us help them to face the future with hope as they learn how to go green

They will want to have healthy food to eat as they keep the environment clean

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Don’t Allow the Next Generation to say We didn’t Care

If we don’t try to save the planet the next generation will say we didn’t even care about them

They will say we should have protected the planet as if it was a rare and precious gem

Don’t allow denial to cause you to trample on the children’s hopes and dreams

When you can support the eco-kids project and become a part of a great team

Children’s Ecofriendly books

showing father exposing child to nature

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