This Speech Might Cause Leaders to Do More about Climate Change

Mia Mottley the Barbados Prime Minister is telling the other leaders about the people who are facing serious challenges in so many ways

When Global Warming cause them to struggle more and wonder if they will ever see a brighter day

It was good to see a leader who seemed to be speaking for the people she represents

While there were others who wouldn’t even encourage their people to protect the environment

Selfishness and Greed

Selfishness and greed are surely the big issues that we all need to address

It is sad that the Minority is causing the majority to have severe distress

Those who only want get wealthy and control everything

Won’t spend a minute to do something about the sea level that is rising

Why do they need to have so much wealth when they are destroying the planet?

Do they think they will never find the need to use the word regret?

If some leaders would decide to simply care about the people who elected them

The majority of us on earth would not be affected by any environmental problem

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Go Green

There are not many leaders who are willing to encourage their people to go green

They are not even willing to set up a good plan to keep the environment clean

There are so many bad habits we will need to change in order to restore our planet

We can’t afford to continue doing the things that will cause us to have regret

No more can we say it doesn’t make sense for us to try living in a better way

Living in the same old way we did before will cause more damage each day

It is time for us to write a new story on a new page

And tell the children about it, no matter what age

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Children and Their Future

How about a story that tells our children about the solutions we found

How we wouldn’t allow the pollution problems to hang around

Let’s tell our children why they need to make plans for their future

And how going green can be like another great adventure

Remember, they will grow up and become leaders one day

And they will need to be protecting the planet in a very special way

When our children are equipped with the right information

We can look forward to having a much better situation

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Click here and support the eco-kids project that will equip children so they can have a bright future

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