Young Gardener Helping Others

There is a little girl that is setting a good example for us all

There is need for more food and she is answering the call

The virus has caused so much distress in many places

And she has found a way to put smiles on so many faces

Should More Children Be Encouraged to Do Gardening?

When children are interested in planting seeds, should they be encouraged?

Or should we say they will never be able to manage?

Do you think planting seeds and watching plants grow should be left to farmers alone?

Or we should be planning for the future because we don’t know when a lot of farmers who are old could be gone

Now that we are hearing about supply chain interruptions and droughts

Encouraging the youth to plant seeds might be a solution that will help us to work things out

Maybe we could change the way we think and start moving in a new direction

Sometimes it is good for us to follow a new set of instructions

Will Communities Benefit from having More Gardens?

It is good that there are other children who are liking this girl’s plan

They see they don’t need to wait to become a woman or a man

They can do a lot more with their time each day

They can chase hunger and poverty away

It is good to see that children are being motivated and inspired now

I believe things will change and get better somehow

The community will have more gardens and people will share and care

There will be a lot more heathy people who are strong and they won’t fear

Now that Covid has caused so much poverty and distress

It is so nice to see a little girl creating happiness

Photo by Lisa Fotios on
Photo by Yasmin Watts on

Now it is easy for you to support the eco-kids project and show the children how much you care about their future…. click here


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5 thoughts on “Young Gardener Helping Others

  1. 💜 NO!!! EveryOne; it’s Crystal 🔮 Clear Clarity that “Kids” ARE Reminding ‘Grown Ups’ about what’s REALLY IMPORTANT!!! EveryBody 🤔 ?


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