Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?

All the new devices we have seen recently need electricity for their operation

The laptops, cell phones and all the other new devices need energy, but the use of fossil fuel is putting the world in a bad situation

So even though some individuals believe there are only a few ways for economies to grow

We need to assess what we are doing and take it slow

If we need to reduce the number of devices we use in order to save the Planet

Then it is best for us to do that and stop working towards having regret

The plan to use nuclear energy in a world that is full of so much wars

Is not one that we should consider as it might not take us far

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In the past when there were no cell phones and laptops life was good

We did just fine when we were not polluting the soil and eating toxic food

It is time for us to say Modern is not always best

So we can buy important things and leave the rest

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Each time we go out to shop we should think of the waste that is a problem now

And think of ways to do more reusing , repairing and recycling and find out how

Things should not be just used and discarded so that they can pollute the earth

We need to think of our health and decide what we think it is worth

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It would be good if we could slow down and reduce pollution

Now that they say in some ways the pandemic is putting us in a better situation

As the environment is not as polluted as it was before the lockdowns

Some photos were even taken of animals who were roaming towns

Humans had been taking away their space for too long

And they want us to know that they can return to the places where they belong

I believe we need to stop with our modern plans for a while and get real

There are more important things on earth than money, they give us the greatest deals

dying river
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Without healthy food, water and clean air will technology do much ?

Wouldn’t it be good if we could face reality to get back in touch

With all the great moments people enjoyed in the past?

When we do that we will be finding the kind of happiness that will surely last

The things we give all our attention to now won’t bring happiness

Soon they will be in a landfill somewhere and we might be left with stress

Rich business people seem to be pulling all the strings

With advertisements that cause us to believe we need all these things

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So many of us seem to believe life without devices will be boring and sad

So we don’t stop to think about protecting the environment , and that is bad

We should be able to do what needs to be done to save the earth

Think of the future and the children and decide what has the most worth

Would you like to show the children how to reduce plastic pollution in a simple way?

There is an eco-kids project here that you can support in many ways


You can easily tell the children how to prepare for a green future by ordering or borrowing ebooks on Amazon


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4 thoughts on “Is it Impossible for Us to make the Needed Changes to Reduce Global Warming?

  1. We don’t have the capacity to change weather. All of that is propaganda, designed to keep you distracted while they make money and take over freedoms.

      1. Totally agree on reducing pollution. Being responsible and managing the forest is always good policy. All the best.

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