Dooms Day Warning in Antarctica as Glacier Melts

A glacier the size of the UK is melting too fast and this could cause more sea level rise

Scientists have been warning for a long time so this should not be a surprise

We all needed to do our part to stop Global Warming

But there were many who ignored the warning, and now this is so alarming

The Need For Clean Energy

The UK might need to relocate some of their citizens who were living close to their shores

I don’t know why clean energy wasn’t invested in so that more could be done before

When small islands disappeared and beaches were eroded poor people got no attention

Now that the rich could be affected I wonder if there will be a new invention

Do you think technology can make fresh ice to replace the glacier soon

They tried to make a sun, do you think they can make a moon?

illustration of man carrying box of financial loss on back
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Mother Nature’s Worth

All the many games and computers we have won’t stop sea level rise

We should never allow the love for money to blind our eyes

When the Glacier melts and the land start sinking

All the Ceo’s of the large companies will start thinking

Money is important, but it is not the only thing we need on earth

It is time for more of us to say Mother Nature has her worth

Protecting the environment is an issue that was in need of more attention long ago

We shouldn’t have waited until all these flooding, droughts and heat waves cause sorrow

The Crypto and the Bitcoin won’t mean a thing

When the Glacier melts and the land start sinking

What is Needed for Restoration

Now we all need to take an interest in what is best

We need to look at technology and say we are not that impressed

If it is not able to restore our planet so that suffering can end

There has got to be a better way that someone can recommend

Now that we know how valuable our ecosystems are

We need to stop supporting the people who have gone too far

The love for money is causing too much distress

When our land start sinking , how we all find happiness?

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Those who were only think about making more money

Could now be wondering if their future will be bright and sunny

Will money be able to stop the melting of the ice in Antarctica

Will sea level rise affect China, England and America

I hope more people will start making great plans for the next generation

There are so many problems in the world today and they are affecting every nation


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