How Children Can Get Prepared For the Green Future

Now that children have access to eco-friendly eBooks that they can borrow and read online

They can look forward to having a life that is just fine

The climate solutions were simplified in a great way

When they think about pollution, they’ll know what to do and say

Learning about recycling, reusing and reducing plastic use is now easy to do

And there are adults who were willing to help the children to do something new

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Support for the Eco-friendly Kids Project

They supported the eco-friendly children’s project in many ways

And left over 400 reviews on the websites, they had great things to say

They contributed to the publishing cost of the books for the children

As the wanted them to grow up and become responsible women and men

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in an environment that is clean?

And live among people who are all interested in going green?

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Clean Air and Water

They will do all they can to protect the environment in every way

As they will know how important it is for them to have clean air and water each day

We can plan and talk about what our future will be like when we make great decisions now

And we can find ways to build environmental protection awareness in a new way somehow

When children become aware of the need for environmental care

They will develop great eco-habits so they can have clean water and air

posters about the save the earth and love the earth
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More Environmental Care

There will be no more need for picketing in the streets

As Business Men won’t be damaging the environment then and use deceit

They will know that they have a responsibility to protect the environment

And they will want to encourage their customers to help them to keep a commitment

So that life on the planet can keep on getting better each day

We can stick with the circular economic model and live in a great way

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The Solution Includes Reduced Pollution

There will be far less pollution, less inflation and less waste in landfills when we recycle more

And there will be far more jobs for the poor

Since there are so many changes we can make to give the children a brighter future

Let us all go on a journey that will change the way we are doing things now, we’ll have an adventure

We will be creative and make a lot more things for ourselves

So we can stop needing to buy so much of those things that are on the store shelves

Our children will learn a lot about creativity when they see what we do

They will start understanding how changing our ways can help us to make it through


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