Electric Vehicles Causing Deforestation?

The need for Nickel and Lithium to be used in the production of Electric vehicles seem to be causing devastation

Will anything change when the people complain about their situation?

It is so sad to see poor people suffering and describing the landslides that disrupts their lives

And the rich manufacturers only keep on doing what will cause their business to strive

There are a lot of issues to consider when we try to decide which vehicle is better for the environment

Eventually owners of electric card will be able to charge them with solar energy at home and that will be an achievement

Saving the planet is now looking like a very difficult trip sometimes

But if nothing was being done to reduce pollution, that would be seen as a crime

Reducing our Carbon Footprint and trying to help the children to have a future that is bright is very important

We need to keep on trying to do things in a new way

As we want our children to see a brighter day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Maybe eventually the change from gas using cars to electric cars will be complete and we will have clean air

And more of the people on the planet will be more aware of the need for environmental care

I just hope problems will be sorted out soon and they will find a way to stop depriving the people of water to water their crops

And the problem with child labour will stop

The manufacturers can certainly manage to pay adults to work for them

Is it greed that is causing them to increase the child labor problem?

girl s white and gray crew neck top holding gray wire fence
Photo by namo deet on Pexels.com

When children start working so early in life, they miss out on a chance to get the needed education so they break out of poverty

I hope wealthy factory owners will stop depriving them in this way, children are the future and need our empathy

I wonder if one day there will be an organization that will highlight the companies that are using child labor so we can stop supporting them

We need to find creative ways to put an end to this problem

We shouldn’t be fixing one problem while we create another

Some people will eventually be living a great life while others suffer

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

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