How Palm Oil Production Causes Deforestation

No more should we say ignorance is bliss because this way of thinking has caused so much destruction

Now that we have been told that the planet cannot survive much longer if we won’t change our ways, lets pay attention

We should be using less of the products that have caused the most damage when they are being produced

When we use less of these products the damage done to the environment will be reduced

We Can Stop Using Our Money to Cause Destruction

If we don’t reduce what amount we consume, these manufacturers won’t change the way they do production and stop destroying the environment

We can simply do more research and support the green businesses, when we do that we are working towards having contentment

No more should we be using our money to by destruction, devastation and distress

While rich manufacturers travel in aircrafts to meet with others and talk about success

It is time to show them that we want what is best for the next generation

We should not be waiting to see a worsening situation

illustration of man carrying box of financial loss on back
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We the consumers shouldn’t be the ones who are suffering losses at all times

Causing some people to be working hard and they are still not able to save a dime

As the rich simply keep on increasing prices and as they get wealthier

We should be planting more organic food as we look forward to being healthier

We can show them that we won’t be buying GMO food that is grown in toxic soil

As we support all the green businesses that will do everything to show that they want to reduce the use of crude oil

Yes! we have got what it takes to make the future bright

It is time for us to wake up and see the light

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Helping Children to Plan for the Future

The burning of fossil fuel can be reduced over time when more recycling, reducing and reusing is done

We should be doing a lot more to use wind energy and the energy produced by the sun

Now that we have been damaging the environment with fossil fuels for so long

Our children will need to do things in a much better way if they want to sing a new song

They will need to clean up the mess we have made and restore the ecosystems

So let us begin telling them how they can get rid of all the problems

girl s white and gray crew neck top holding gray wire fence
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Palm oil production and deforestation is leaving many animals without homes

So that they are left vulnerable and are simply killed when they roam

We should be protecting the lives of animals because they are important

It is time for us to think about the next generation and what they will want

Now that we are running out of time and we need to change our ways really fast

I hope politicians will listen to the children who don’t want their generation to be the last

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