Sustainability and The Circular Economy

Can we live sustainably if we are not using the circular economic model in our countries?

Will we ever be able to get rid of the climate change crisis and the stress it causes?

Scientists have given us a lot of solutions over the years

But it seems as if there are not many people who cares

Are we waiting until there is no food to eat and everything is destroyed to say we have no option?

Wouldn’t it be far better for us to use the solutions to put ourselves in a better position?

Having a system that causes us to do more reusing and recycling can only help us a lot

We shouldn’t be waiting until doing things in a new way is the only option we’ve got

Our planet has been beautiful and it is well equipped to sustain our lives

It would be good if we would protect it so that all living creatures can survive

Instead we just keep on making products to use and discard

Even though this way of living makes life for some people to be hard

As the burning of fossil fuel and the waste in landfills cause climate change and sea level rise

Many of us don’t seem to believe it would be good if we could wake up and be wise

The youth have began speaking out and demonstrating because they want to have a future

However, it seems as if the piling up of waste and destroying the planet is now a part of our culture

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Now that it is clear that the things we do affect people who are not even living close to us

We should willingly do the things that will cause the planet to be beautiful, and forget the fuss

Those who do the most damage could decide to settle for less profits for a while

They could decide to give the people in the severely affected places a chance to smile

Implementing the circular economic model is a great thing to do

It is time for us to have more conversations about this fact so we can find a way to make it through

illustration of man carrying box of financial loss on back
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The circular economic model will create more jobs for the poor

And there are a whole lot of other benefits that are now in store

When we burn waste in landfills we are burning many opportunities

As trash to cash and waste to wealth offers many possibilities

And now you can start preparing the children to embrace the new plan

They won’t be worried about the future when they know about the the things they can do to live with the new plan they’ll start believing they can

………………………………………………………………………………………………… …….

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One thought on “Sustainability and The Circular Economy

  1. Thank you! Most of us forget how integral economics are with politics and with sustainability. Looking to the long term is crucial, and we can Do Better.

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