Greta Thunberg Not Satisfied with Progress Made After Cop 26

No more Blah Blah Blah shouts Greta Thunberg and other protestors

Will they get through to the heads of Governments and the rich investors

A change in policies and leaders who are willing to enforce laws will make a difference

Without action all we might see are the same problems and a whole lot of pretense

More Action Needed

30 years of Blah Blah Blah while the situation gets worse, they say

We can talk and don’t act and we will never manage to see a brighter day

Why is it so hard to get people to understand that our actions can destroy lives

Why can’t leaders look around the world and make a greater effort to help people to thrive?

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Better Leadership

When those in leadership positions only put their country first at all times

They find ways to hoard money and leave people in other countries wondering if they will ever have a dime
But now the floods and other terrible weather events create havoc in rich countries too

It is clear that we all need to care about people everywhere, or we won’t make it through

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The Rich Can Help the Poor

It makes no sense for the rich to look down on the poor anymore

We are all under the same sky breathing the same air, we just need to think more

Are these leaders saying what they think the people want to hear

And then they as soon as the conference is over forget about the importance of environmental care?

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Climate Change and Welfare

Maybe leaders want to see less people marching on the streets with these placards

They don’t want to face the fact that climate change is causing life on the planet to be hard

After natural disasters there are more homeless people who become poor

The amount of money and food provided by Government for welfare will need to be more

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Unsustainable plans

This is an unsustainable system that is being prolonged because of bad policies made by leaders

We know they say they care and that is why they implemented welfare but they need to do more to prepare for bad weather

There are places where families stick together and share with older family members but it is not like this everywhere

Is Greta Thunberg too hard on leaders? Should there be a greater effort to help people to think more about environmental care?

In her speech she gave some climate solutions but she also said the leaders were not changing their actions

She said the problems began with injustice and if we don’t fix what went wrong long ago we won’t find satisfaction

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Job Creation

Maybe so many people don’t need to live in cities, they could live in rural areas and create more green jobs in new ways

Leaders could design policies that would cause them to see change as a great idea they would implement one day

Maybe leaders need more time to put plans in place and they can’t do things as quickly as we would want them to

But eventually we will all put great plans in place and more people will find ways to do what they need to do


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