Make Amazon Reduce Carbon Footprint and Pay on Black Friday

Workers want higher pay, reduced Carbon footprint and an opportunity to unionise

Can’t believe the online business giant is being criticized

I hope consumers will wake up and do things in a new way too

We can try to turn more of our old things into something new

If the Government could create laws that would cause the rich to share their profits with workers more

There could be less welfare for them to pay out, there would be no working poor

We have had a system that causes the rich to compete against each other

And treat the poor badly because they didn’t find a way to come together

people gathering on street
Photo by Mohamad Mekawi on

People were so afraid to lose their jobs, as they lived with a tight budget

But one day they decided that they wanted to forget about having regret

No one expected this to happen after so many years of oppression

But for this Black Friday the workers made a decision

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

They want to get vacations and relax on the beach like others do

They shouldn’t be working so hard and still can’t afford to buy anything new

If profits were being shared in the right way long ago

These workers would all be looking forward to a bright tomorrow

Photo by Markus Spiske on

It is good to see that they are also saying there is a better way to treat the environment

As delivering goods in cardboard boxes has recently become a major requirement

They are saying they want the planet to be protected

And the old way of doing things to be rejected

Photo by Andy Kuzma on

Let us tell our children why it is good to protect the environment

So they will want to treat others right and see more peace and contentment

When the environment is being protected people’s rights are not trampled on as much

We would like to see our children grow up to be bosses that will protect the environment and respect workers as they keep in touch


Click here and you will see that there are many ways to support the ecofriendly project for the children


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