Recycling Providing An Income in Tough Times

Recycling and job creation can walk hand in hand

You see life comes with a whole set of demands

And not everyone will get a job when they apply

Some people collect old bottles and live simply

After they lose all they have and there is no job they can get

They don’t need to feel sorry for themselves, they can forget regret

Recycling cause them to earn honestly from the sale of bottles and tins

They won’t become a problem to society when their new life begins

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

Since life has changed for many people because of the pandemic

Poverty increased in many places, for some the situation is tragic

If there were recycling centres in more places for people to earn

They could keep themselves busy until the tables turn

crop woman putting plastic bottle into bag
Photo by Sarah Chai on
When more recycling is done we benefit is many ways
There is less pollution and we can look forward to brighter days
Maybe there will be less people getting in trouble with the law as well
Recycling is an awesome solution for the plastic pollution problem, isn’t it easy to tell?
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Support the Modern Eco-Kids Project that has love for the environment at it’s center

You will get a lot in return when you help the children to learn

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