COP 26 and the Promised Changes

Solving the Climate Challenge was discussed and solutions were presented for us

We are deep in a climate crisis and we should change our ways without making a fuss

We cannot afford to snooze anymore, we need to wake up and act

Our way of life is not sustainable and we passed the tipping point, it is a fact

The destruction of the Amazon has caused more warming and it is possible that humans might go extinct soon

It is time for the rich to spend on clean energy and stop visiting the moon

Now that there is a plan to end deforestation

It would be good if promises would be kept and in the end we could have a celebration

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It is good to see so many leaders making plans to to save the earth once more

Maybe this time they will make a greater effort to help the children to have a future that is secure

It would be good if these leaders would put new policies in place so that people will live by a new set of rules

The children can be included, there are books about going green and they can be used in schools

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We all need to go green now because we ran out of time

If anyone is seen polluting the earth, they should be treated as if they are committing a crime

Since the damage that has been done left us in a bad situation

The effects of climate change is now affecting every nation

Saving the planet is now our most important priority

We need to face facts and try to create a new reality

An Earth that is too hot for us to live on, could cause extinction

We should do more to save the planet now that we have information

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