The Polluted Environment – And the Damage Done to our Food

Our food is not the same as it was many years ago

We want food cheaper and then we have sorrow

It is time for us to wake up and pay attention

Food can be our medicine if we get rid of new inventions

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Farmers suffer when we don’t care about their welfare

We just want to eat and don’t think about environmental care

We say the environment will take care of itself while pesticides gets into our water

However, the farmer wants to earn more and uses chemicals and think of health after

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That is why we are seeing more Cancer patients and obese people every day

Even though the price of food keeps on going up as farmers do things in a new way

More machinery and chemicals are used as there is a need for increased earnings

It is possible that these problems won’t be fixed if we won’t start learning

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If we refuse to buy food that is covered with wax and pesticides farmers will find that our opinions are important

They will not earn if they don’t decide to give us what we want

We can decide to pay a little more for organic food so we can spend less time in the Doctor’s offices because we are healthy

Farmers will realise that they need to think about our health because we also want to be both healthy and wealthy


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5 thoughts on “The Polluted Environment – And the Damage Done to our Food

  1. I want to thank you for your post. I’ll admit ignorance is bliss- when I was younger I wasn’t particularly concerned w/ matters I thought didn’t affect me directly. However, along the way my children have showed me otherwise and your post have motivated me to educate myself regarding these matters now realizing the situation as a whole.

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