Is it Possible for Countries to Building Back Strong After the Pandemic?

Politicians are talking about building back strong and helping the children to have a bright future these days

If it all involves trying to fix the damage that was done to ecosystems and empowering the population with information so the environment will be treated in a better way

That would be the best thing we have ever seen

We might even start keeping the environment clean

Some folks say we will never get back to normal, but I don’t know why

We simply need to separate truth from the lie

If a good plan is made by leaders and it won’t create more debt

We need to think about it and try to avoid overthinking, it can cause regret

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When building back includes reduced energy cost and encouraging more environmental protection awareness

In the future we will see a better life for many, as more people will have increased success

However, when money is spent to create unsustainable jobs and the debt can’t be repaid

Borrowing money to grow the economy will be like another mistake that was made

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The whole world is struggling with the same issues now

It is important for us to recover from these terrible times, somehow

If we make plans that will only benefit a few who are seated at the top

Austerity will increase and this won’t cause crime and violence to stop

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If the word is spread about the need for environmental care

More people might start creating jobs for themselves, and have more to share

Building each other up, might be something that they will want to do

After a while everyone on the planet might simply forget how it feels to be blue

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