How we Benefit when we say Yes To A Green Future?

We are saying yes to a green future when we begin telling our children about climate solutions

They will be prepared to do more reducing, reusing, recycling, renovating and make great contributions

Children can become the change we want to see when we give them the correct information

If parents become more aware of the need for environmental education

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The linear economic model has caused us to destroy our environment

We should change what we are doing, we all should make a commitment

We can do more to help children to get ready to face a green future one day

As it is good for everyone to try sending the environmental crisis away

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We should spread the word about the changes we need to make

And we should never allow the children to make the same old mistakes

We can tell children more about environmental care in a very easy way

All adults can start borrowing eco-kids eBooks on Amazon today

Climate action is needed and we all can do our part

We know it is good to tell the children how to make a start

A change in the way we conserve will help to make our future bright

We can be the change we want to see when we treat the environment just right

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We should spread the word about the need for environmental care

We can see less littering and more zero waste plans being implemented everywhere

We should stop destroying the planet we will pass on to the children one day

When we spread the word there will be more people who are doing things in the right way

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