Ecosia and Tree Planting

Ecosia has made it easy for us to plant trees

Now you can easily provide homes for the birds and the bees

This is a great way to change lives in many places

Trees can put smiles on many faces

When they produce delicious fruits for us to eat

Our immune system gets boosted and the fruits are sweet

I am so glad they came up with this great plan

Now more people can believe that they can

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Yes, we can plant trees

We are doing something good for not just the bees

We also contribute to having clean air

As Ecosia plans to plant more trees almost everywhere

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Let’s try to make Ecosia as big as Google so more of the Global Co2 emmissions can be absorbed faster

We can do our part to stop climate change, even though time is the master

We need to use the time we have in the best way we can

It is very good that Ecosia made this great plan

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Tell everyone you know about Ecosia, we can get more trees planted when each person contributes to one

1Kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere with every Ecosia search that is done

If we use that search engine more, one day the Global warming crisis will be gone

You can start planting trees everywhere

Show Mother Earth how much you care

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6 thoughts on “Ecosia and Tree Planting

  1. Profound and inspiring post, Denise. Planting trees and flowers will make our environment and all of us feel so lovely and beautiful. Once again our Mother Earth will start blooming with love and sunshine.

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