Climate Change – Heat Wave Killing Many in Canada

We can no longer see environmental protection awareness as an option we can afford to ignore

If the Summers should get any hotter, there could be a worse problem in store

It is time for us to change the way we live and try to solve the climate crisis

Even though there are people who say there is no crisis and they have become critics

Environmental protection won’t do us any harm

We will be doing something good, instead of watching as the earth gets more warm

Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases would be an easy thing for us to do

If the developed countries would should decide to help the poor countries to make it through

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Developing in a sustainable way has been seen as a great thing to do at last

No one paid attention to some important facts in the past

When they found out that plastic was durable and it could help us in many ways

They didn’t think of the fact that it would pile up in places for thousands of days

And now if we don’t slow down global warming we won’t be able to live on earth one day

So it is best for us to change what we are doing and treat the environment in a better way

It should not be hard for us to plant more trees and reduce plastic use

Now that wildfires, hurricanes and heatwaves are regular topics on the news

The burning of plastic and the use of fossil fuels will only cause the earth to get warmer still

And we will need to pay to keep ourselves cool, so there will be no way to reduce our bills

Let us stop for a while and weigh our options now

We can find a way to end this crisis somehow


Maybe we can get together and solve the problem, a survey is here lets look at solutions

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A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

14 thoughts on “Climate Change – Heat Wave Killing Many in Canada

      1. It is so easy to care about them, You would have to get the children to occupy themselves with it, after all, it is their future.

    1. Perhaps due to (everyone’s sole spaceship) Earth’s large size, there seems to be a general obliviousness in regards to our natural environment. It’s as though throwing non-biodegradable garbage down a dark chute, or pollutants emitted out of exhaust and drainage pipes, or spewed from sky-high jet engines and very tall smoke stacks — or even the largest contamination events — can somehow be safely absorbed into the air, sea, and land (i.e. out of sight, out of mind); like we’re safely inconsequentially dispensing of that waste into a compressed-into-nothing black-hole singularity.

      No wonder so much gratuitous yet sea-life-damaging plastic waste eventually finds its way into our life-filled oceans, where there are few, if any, caring souls to see it. How do we correct a collective addiction to shopping when we’ve yet to correct a collective addiction to recklessly needless disposability, to conveniently throwing non-biodegradables into landfills and water bodies? And so much of it is from superfluous purposes, e.g. plastic from individually wrapped toilet paper rolls. (Why? So the consumer can enjoy opening each roll for its after-dinner freshness?!)

      I’ll never forget the astonishingly short-sighted, entitled selfishness I observed about four years ago, when a TV news reporter randomly asked a young urbanite wearing sunglasses what he thought of government restrictions on disposable plastic straws. “It’s like we’re living in a nanny state, always telling me what I can’t do,” he recklessly retorted.

  1. As a lifelong resident of southwestern B.C. (Canada), the unprecedented heatwave here in late June, described by meteorologists as more of a ‘stalling heat dome’, left me feeling I could never again complain about the weather being too cold.

    After 54 years of life, I find collective human existence has for too long been analogous to a cafeteria lineup consisting of diversely societally represented people, all adamantly arguing over which identifiable person should be at the front and, conversely, at the back of the line. Many of them further fight over to whom amongst them should go the last piece of quality pie and how much they should have to pay for it — all the while the interstellar spaceship on which they’re all permanently confined, owned and operated by (besides the wealthiest passengers) the fossil fuel industry, is on fire and toxifying at locations not normally investigated.

    Clearly there has been discouragingly insufficient political courage and will to properly act upon the cause-and-effect of manmade global warming and climate change. Neo-liberals and conservatives are overly preoccupied with vociferously criticizing one another for their politics and beliefs thus diverting attention away from the planet’s greatest polluters, where it should and needs to be sharply focused. (Although, it seems to be the ‘conservatives’ who do not mind polluting the planet most liberally.)

    But there’s still some hope for spaceship Earth and therefor humankind due to environmentally conscious and active young people, especially those who are approaching/reaching voting age. In contrast, the dinosaur electorate who have been voting into high office consecutive mass-pollution promoting or complicit/complacent governments for decades are gradually dying off and making way for voters who fully support a healthy Earth thus populace.

    1. Thank you so much for your very valuable comment… I am competing in an international competition and I plan to change the way the world is educated about environmental protection. I hope I can so that we won’t have policy makers who don’t care…. Thanks again

      1. Glad to hear it! … I hope the policy-makers won’t put national politics, and especially their careers, before humanity.

        Big business seems to not really care. When it comes to essentially unhindered capitalism, I tend to see corporate heads (figuratively) shrugging their shoulders and defensively saying that their job is to protect shareholders’ bottom-line interests. Meanwhile, the shareholder also shrugs their shoulders while defensively stating that they just collect the dividends and that the corporate heads are the ones to make the moral and/or ethical decisions. …

        All the best with the international competition!

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