Climate Change and it’s Impact on some Lives

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be done

We can use the energy that comes from the sun

If more people would stop and look at the devastation that is happening in some places

They would certainly want to put more smiles on faces

But the impact of climate change is felt by small island states a lot more

People who live on islands can never feel as if their future is secure

When people on the huge continents use more fossil fuels and pollute the atmosphere

They are living far from the oceans, so they have no need to care

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But the Climate crisis caused the heat wave that is killing people in Canada now

Maybe we can get together and say we have got to act somehow

We don’t need to have so many cars that will pollute the air on our roads

And allow Global warming to cause some people to carry a heavy load

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Sea level rise has been 8 inches over a long time or more or 3.3 mm per year

Politicians only talk about job creation and then say nothing much about environmental care

Green jobs creation would help economies to recover much faster in the crisis we have today

But there is not enough talk about that, it is as if we don’t want to have anything good to say

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We should never allow problems to keep on growing bigger each day

When we can spread the word about the need for environmental care in a better way

Children can learn to use ecofriendly tips and start changing the way they act

You will never know when the little things they do will have a huge impact

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Take a Survey and see what can be done:


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