Fixing Climate Change

Finding out what causes Climate Change and changing our ways should be an easy thing to do

However, a number of people don’t care enough about the children to help them to make it through

Now that the youth are striking on Fridays and saying it makes no sense to learn anything in school

It is time for adults to live by a new set of rules

Children should be looking forward to a bright future

As they get ready to go on trips and enjoy nature

Not worrying about the longer Summers and droughts

They should be confident that adults will find solutions and work things out


It is easy for us to see the change in the weather

More powerful hurricanes destroying places and now people can’t even help each other

Climate change is a massive problem that we should try to fix

We should stop listening to climate deniers and their tricks

Photo by Markus Spiske on

We all need to change the way we act

We can pollute the environment less and that’s a fact

Help the teenagers to stay in school on Fridays

They only want to live to see brighter days


Click here to support the eco-kids project today


Published by denise421win

A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

7 thoughts on “Fixing Climate Change

  1. In Canada, our mainstream print news-media, like our federal governments, support Canada’s fossil fuel industry. Postmedia is on record as being formally allied with not only the planet’s second most polluting forms of “energy” (i.e. fossil fuel), but also the most polluting/dirtiest of crude oils — bitumen. Source:

    For me, most pressing is: should the promotion of massive fossil fuel extraction, even Canada’s own, be a partisan position for any newspaper giant to take, especially considering its immense role in global warming thus climate change? And, at least in this case, whatever happened to the honorable journalistic role of ‘afflicting the comfortable’ (which went along with ‘comforting the afflicted’), especially one of such environmental monstrosity?

    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback, the leaders don’t care about us enough… I hope that will change when more of us are educated about the changes we need to make in order to tackle the climate change crisis.

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