The Plastic Pollution Problem is Huge

The size of the plastic pollution problem is not known by many people, or maybe they don’t care

Maybe not much of us are interested in living in a healthy environment so we can breathe in clean air

Burned plastics release toxins and that is bad for our health

Why do we keep on supporting the manufacturers who only want to increase wealth?

It is now clear that living in a modern society means living in an unhealthy environment

As more people seem to believe that having more stuff will help them to find contentment

We have so many habits we could change so that the plastic pollution problem would be reduced

But those who only care about wealth, want to earn more so they advertise more when they produce

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If we keep on thinking of growing businesses that produce more waste to discard

As Government only think about creating jobs so that people can work very hard

Now there are cities that are packed, while no one wants to live in the countryside

They say there is nothing out there, nothing that will help them to beam with pride

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But the clean air and water out there help people to live longer

The people who live outside of the cities are healthier and stronger

Since every piece of plastic produced is still here in some form today

We should all want to reduce plastic use and live in a different way

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When people start rejecting more of the things that are packaged in plastic

The manufacturers will see that they need to change what they do if they want a future that is fantastic

They will see that we care about our environment

And one day they will make a better commitment


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