Climate Change= Increased Droughts and Wild Fires

Increased droughts and increased wild fires, a cause for worry

Trying to change the things we do could help us to forget about saying we are sorry

Even though some people say it is too late for us to change anything

I believe going green is worth trying

Planting trees and reducing pollution will help us to be healthier anyway

So I won’t listen what the climate change deniers have to say

Last year the wild fires caused so much damage and devastation

And I wonder if anything was done to change the situation

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Even though we have been going in the wrong direction for such a long time

We can change how we live, before we are left without a dime

Droughts are affecting farmers in a serious way

And wild fires takes all hope for a better future away

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But if we could start planting more trees and reducing green house gas production

We would be moving in the right direction as we follow the environmentalist’s instructions

There are great rewards that we will get after a while

We will make it possible for children to keep on wearing smiles

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Climate change means worse droughts, wild fires and food shortage

We should not wait until things get to a worse stage

When we can change what we do

And help more people to make it through

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