Can Diluted Radioactive waste Water be Made Safe For the Environment?

Dumping Radioactve waste in the ocean can lead to the increase of cancer for the people who eat Seafood

There should be no one on earth who should think this is good

This will affect not just this generation, but many more

Can scientists Dilute Toxic waste water until it becomes pure?

Am I thinking about this problem in a wrong way?

Should I be waiting to hear what the scientists have to say?

Or should I look at the damage that was done by toxins to the environment and people before

And say it is not good for us to pollute the environment anymore

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Better plans to get rid of Radioactive waste water should be made by these scientists long ago

Why they didn’t make better plans? Will we ever know?

It would be good if so much destruction wasn’t caused experiments go wrong

Earth is our home and it shouldn’t be damaged by some because this is where we all belong

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Spreading the word about the need for environmental protection becomes more important each day

Environmental education is needed, as people should be learning how to treat the environment in a better way

There is a great eco project here for the children that is easy to support online

Contributors order fiverr gigs and eBooks so that information about environmental protection can be spread and the eco project is doing just fine\

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