How Bottled Water Adds to the Plastic Pollution Problem

The plastic pollution problem would not be this huge if we had protected our drinking water so we wouldn’t need purified bottled water at all

Most of the plastic bottles that are seen in the ocean are water bottles, and now micro plastics was found in bottled water and soon our backs will be against the wall

Is there anyone who will tell us what plastic is doing to our bodies now?

Can we make a plan to clean up our rivers and the ocean somehow?

They used marketing to spread the word about how pure bottled water was, long ago

It would be good if these marketers could do another campaign that would help us to look forward to less sorrow

We all know that plastic is toxic when it is burned and toxins in our bodies will hurt us in the future

There is a project here that will help with the spreading of the word about the need for environmental care, support it so the children can have an adventure

Now children can easily learn all they can and use ecofriendly tips as they become aware

They will be able to protect their health in a better way when they grow up, as they will eventually learn all about environmental care

The eco project here has been getting support from eco warriors who live in many places

They want to see how many of the environmental issues they can erase

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There are children who are now showing others how good it is to use reusable plastic

And persons who will boil tap water to put in the reusable bottles, even though some say their actions are drastic

There are filters you can buy as well, so drinking pure water is not as totally connected to buying bottled water alone

When we make simple changes and after a while our pollution problems will be gone

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click here and support the ecofriendly children’s project today


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