The Easy Way Out is not Always Best- The destruction Should Stop

With the pesticides they killed the Bees

With the chain saws they cut down the trees

With the plastic they polluted the rivers and streams

How can we look forward to a bright future, how can we dream

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If there is no one to say

There has got to be a better way

Trees can be replanted so we can have more to eat

We can find better ways to live, we don’t need to accept defeat

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We can accept that there is an ecosystem in place

We wouldn’t be destroying it, if we could try to put a smile on every face

We should realize that there will be more hungry people on earth

When we don’t stop to think of the having a healthy environment and what that is worth

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Humans can only survive and thrive when we treat the earth in the right way

And now it is becoming clear that we can’t afford to listen to what some of the scientists say

Why didn’t they encourage the replanting of trees long ago

Why did they wait until there is so much poverty and sorrow

We can’t afford to look at what is easy to do and ignore the facts anymore

There are teenagers who demonstrate because they want a future that is secure

Now you can spread the word about the need for environmental protection in a new way

Let us all work towards having a bright future today

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