Green Jobs and Economic Recovery

If we want to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and boost the economic sectors by using more Green energy, water and raw materials as we de-carbonize the economy and bring down emissions of greenhouse gases as we minimize or avoid all forms of waste and pollution. We should be protecting or restoring our ecosystems as we prepare for a bright future and start earning in a much more sustainable way.

Making a lot of money as we destroy the environment is too much of an high price to pay, since we found out that we can do things in a better way we should put more plans in place to encourage more people to protect the environment as they earn.

We would see that jobs are not scare when we understand that green jobs are everywhere

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We can build economies that are stable

And more individuals will believe they are able

When we protect the environment as we earn

There are a lot of ecofriendly ideas out there and we can learn

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We can even create jobs for others when we develop green businesses on our own

And recover from the ravages caused by Covid-19 much faster, and all our troubles will be gone

When we do more repairing, repurposing, upcycling, recycling and reusing as we create a circular economy

We will be very independent after a while as we create an autonomy

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Together we can protect the earth while we create more green jobs for each other

We all can unite around this idea because earth is our mother

We can say unsustainable jobs will not do us any good after a while

And when we create green jobs we can help so many persons to smile


Did you get the free coloring pages for the children you know?

Send me a message right here and I will send them to you

Click here and tell the children how to plan for the jobs of the future today

Life on the planet will get better one day when we tell the children how they can treat the environment in a great way


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