Economics and the Environment – What Causes Increased Poverty and a lot of uncertainty

Can science fix all the problems we see

When a warmer Earth causes us to see more poverty

Are Scientists showing the rich how to control the things that were once free

The spread of poverty is creating more calamity

There are so many issues to consider when we think about the future of planet earth

When we think of protecting our future we think about what even the seeds that are used by farmers to grow plants are worth

The bees and the eco-systems are so valuable and the poor should be protected

Seeds should not be changed, the ability of the poor to provide for themselves should be respected

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The poor should never be left in a ditch

Because of a new plan to increase the wealth of the rich

I wonder if Government does enough research to understand how to protect citizens

Or leaders only think about job creation and making more dollars and cents

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Who wants to live in a world where there is a lot of cash but there is no good food to buy

Where the poor keeps on getting poorer and they keep on asking why

If the pesticides created by scientists will damage the soil and cause problems

It is time for the Government to launch a campaign so that poor farmers can get rid of them

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Sustainability is important and we must think about the future of our food

Even the rich should be stopped when what they are doing is not good

If we could be united and strong life on the planet would be great

There would be no oppressed poor people, no crime and no hate

Let us try to give poor farmers a chance to have a good life because they deserve it

We should not sit idly by while their livelihood is destroyed and they feel like it is time to quit

We should not wait until there is no food for us to buy

Before we look at what is happening and ask our Government why


The eco friendly project for the children is delivering great information for the children so that there can be a change in the future, as everyone will be aware

We won’t have so many problems when environmentalists say there is need for environmental care

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7 thoughts on “Economics and the Environment – What Causes Increased Poverty and a lot of uncertainty

  1. Without education for empathetic critical thinking, things will not get better, but when we begin working together for the good of all of us, yes, we can solve these problems.

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